African Women Art 3 Piece FRAMED Canvas Set!

African Women Art 3 Piece FRAMED Canvas Set!

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African Woman 3 Piece FRAMED Canvas Set, (Ready to Hang)

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We love art, plain and simple. Above all, we love art that fits well with the modern assessment of living space and what goes with it. That is why we chose to specialize in canvas prints – they are gorgeous, with vivid colors and great textures and often at a very affordable price. So, if you want something that will give your place character, we suggest you get yourself a fine canvas print.

One of the Most Beautiful Canvas You'll Ever Own!

A Full 3 Piece African Woman Canvas Art Set!

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(3 x 16 x 16 inches)

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About the Canvas

If you’re looking for something more exotic, than this 3-piece African woman canvas art set is right up your alley.

The print depicts a black woman with her back turned and her looking coyly over her shoulder, a lad in a long dress with geometrical shapes on it, and wearing a similarly patterned hat.

The combinations of white and orange, with the addition of green is a very soothing and blends perfectly with cream walls and bare laminate flooring. The contrast of her black skin and white dress is a great opposition, making the canvas stand out more prominently, and ensures that its marvel won’t go unnoticed.